Business card design for bookkeeping businesses

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Let's get started on your business card design!

Welcome to Revive Marketing's Business Card Design Information Center. I am very excited to get started on your business card design project. First, I need to gather some basic information to help me get started. You may have already given me this information in previous communications so apologies for any repeat questions but it's important to keep all of the information organized and all in one place so please fill out the form in its entirety even if answered in previous communications.

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Business Card Design Pricing

Base Rate: $129.99 (2 hours of design)
Upfront Deposit: $65.00
Additional Time: $15 for each additional 15 minutes after 2 hour
Extra services:
Backside Design - $29.99 
Additional card design delivery - $24.99

The process

Phase 1: Gather necessary information
To get started, I will need some basic information. This information can be provided using the form on the left. Once the form is submitted you will receive a boarding email confirming your submission.
Phase 2: Mock up designs
Within 5 business day you will receive an email with the mock up designs for you to review. You will select the design that you feel fits your needs the best. This will act as our starting point. If none of the mock up designs stand out to you, simply let us know and we will go back to the drawing board to create new mock ups while pausing your time charged.
Phase 3: Revisions
Once you have selected the design you want to move forward with, we will then do the first round of revisions if any are needed. You may request revisions to any part of the design (image, text, font, color placement etc.) We will complete the revisions based on your feedback and then will deliver the revised design to you via email for your review. You can ask for another round of revisions at this time if necessary. 
Phase 4: Invoice
If no more revisions are necessary and you have approved your design, we will send out an invoice via email for the time charged and any charged revisions if a charge applies. You can pay directly from the invoice using any form of payment you prefer.
Phase 5: Delivery of your business card design
Once the payment notification is received, we will deliver the final business card design file via email for you to download.