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Revive is a SEO - Search Engine Optimization company in St. Joseph and Kansas City, MO. With our search engine optimization services we can make your website search engine friendly. We specialize in organic search engine optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of promoting web sites in search engines so that the web sites show up in search results of the major search engines. There are two types of search engine marketing; organic search engine marketing and pay-per-click search engine marketing. If you have the advertising budget to support pay per click then we recommend attacking both pay per click and organic search engine optimization. However, our philosophy on SEO is the pay per click is a short term solution to immediately pay for traffic. The long term solution for any website is to improve your organize SEO rankings and drop the pay per click advertising. Why pay for clicks when you can get them for free? Revive has developed superior organic search strategies that are generating a lot of “free” leads in the major search engines for our clients. We have the experience and expertise necessary to grow your online business.

We are proud of the search engine marketing that we do for our clients. No one is happier than we are when we see our clients’ web sites showing up in Internet searches for their keywords in the “free” organic or general results section of the search engine. If you would like to join our team, please call 816-617-9163 or email

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Why Should I Spend Money on Search Engine Optimization?

  • Because you want to stay in business

  • Because you want to beat your competitors

  • Marketing money spent on SEO helps your business grow and make more money

  • Internet search is targeted and users are actively engaged

  • Google now processes over 3.5 BILLION search requests per day

  • 99% of internet users utilize internet search

  • 60% of small to medium businesses say they would like to use search engine optimization by an expert

  • Help businesses find qualified customers

What do organic pages look like?

Page Title: 8-10 keyword rich words in Title (blue bar at top of web browser)

URL: Find a short URL with relevant words in URL. Don't make up words. Use sub-directories with descriptive file names.

Text Navigation: Use text links for navigation. Don't use images and buttons for all of your navigation.

Heading: Use a text heading on every page that includes keywords in the heading. The HTML tag for heading should be H1.

ALT Text: Use alternative text for images with keywords in the ALT tag.

Body Copy: Plain text copy of 250-600 words. 5-6 appearances of keywords in this copy. Text links within this copy.

What do bad web sites look like?

  • Slow Websites

  • Websites that are not mobile responsive - mobile friendly

  • Web sites built with no text and all Flash

  • Web sites built with no text and big images

  • Web sites built with Microsoft Word or Publisher

  • Stale and Stagnant Content that never changes

  • No text links or relevant copy

  • Forgotten web sites with broken links and broken layout

  • A marketing brochure that was scanned into a web site

  • Web site with tons of validation errors

  • Old web sites

  • Web sites with a Splash Page

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