"I absolutely love the website that Chris did for me. He made the entire process so easy and I appreciate his patience and dedication to my project! It's a great feeling when potential clients say "I love everything about your website. Call me!"

Ashley Cauthen - Ohana Financials

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Limited spots available

About This Promotion

The heat of the summer is on and so is the hot deals! Claim your discount now and receive $160 off of your web-design services.

Website Design Pricing

* Does not include hosting, domain or any other fees associated with creating your website.
Base Rate: $459.00 NOW ONLY $299.00!
Upfront Deposit: $149.00
Revisions: 3 at no charge $10 thereafter

The process

Phase 1: Setting Up Web Hosting
All websites need web hosting to be visible on the internet. We will need to get a hosting package in place to begin building your website
Phase 2: Connecting your domain name
We will have to connect your domain name to your website so your website has an address so people can find it and access it.
Phase 3: Gather Information
Once we have the hosting and domain name in place I will need to gather the necessary information i will need in order to build your website. You will get an email with a checklist of things I will need. 
Phase 4: Building your website
Now that we have the hosting in place, the domain name connect and gathered all the necessary information, we can start to build! I will build as much of the website as I can with the information you provided and then will send it to you for review.
Phase 5: Making revisions
Now that you have reviewed the website you can request revisions to any part of the design.
Phase 6: Invoicing
Once we have made all the revisions and you have approved the website design I will send you the final invoice for the project.
Phase 5: Launching
Once the payment notification is received your site is ready to LAUNCH!