Website design for bookkeeping businesses

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Let's get started on your Website Design!

Welcome to Revive Marketing's Website Design Information Center. I am very excited to get started on your website design project. First, I need to gather some basic information to help me get started. You may have already given me this information in previous communications so apologies for any repeat questions but it's important to keep all of the information organized and all in one place so please fill out the form in its entirety even if answered in previous communications.

Tell me a little bit about yourself!
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Website Design Pricing

* Does not include hosting, domain or any other fees associated with creating your website.
Base Rate: $549.00
Upfront Deposit: $275.00
Extra Services:
Basic SEO - $49.99 (Includes Google Index)
Blog Setup - $99.99
Monthly Main/Support - $49.00/month
Editor Access - $69.00

The process

Phase 1: Setting Up Web Hosting
All websites need web hosting to be visible on the internet. We will need to get a hosting package in place to begin building your website. 
Phase 2: Connecting your domain name
We will have to connect your domain name to your website so your website has an address so people can find it and access it.
Phase 3: Gather Information
Once we have the hosting and domain name in place I will need to gather the necessary information i will need in order to build your website. You will get an email with a checklist of things I will need. 
Phase 4: Building your website
Now that we have the hosting in place, the domain name connect and gathered all the necessary information, we can start to build! I will build as much of the website as I can with the information you provided and then will send it to you for review.
Phase 5: Making revisions
Now that you have reviewed the website you can request revisions to any part of the design.
Phase 6: Invoicing
Once we have made all the revisions and you have approved the website design I will send you the final invoice for the project.
Phase 5: Launching
Once the payment notification is received your site is ready to LAUNCH!